About Round and Flat Cable Armour Wire

Round and Flat Cable Armour Wire

Product description

Galvanised steel also finds usage in the crafting of gabions to hold rock, concrete, sand or other such paraphernalia typically employed in civil engineering, landscaping and building of roads where the risk of corrosion runs high. Steel wires drawn with the express purpose of making gabions require high process controls to ensure that the final product does not suffer from flaking. The testing phase for these galvanised steel wires is extensive and mandates that the wires are flexible and have high tensile strength, making them conducive for gabions. Manufacturers prefer having an in house facility for drawing steel wires and galvanising them, thus having a higher degree of quality control in place. Gabions made from hot dip galvanised wires that have a uniform surface finish, a surface that is free from high points, offer an even greater degree of protection in corrosive environments and in areas where there exists a higher percentage of pollutants in the environment.

Systematic is:

  • One of the largest manufacturing capacity in India, thereby ensuring lowest lead time in procuring wires
  • Leading supplier to India’s top cable manufacturing companies
  • Reliable and quality-driven

Round Cable Technical specifications
Size 1.40 mm - 4.00 mm
Tensile Elongation 300 - 500 N/mm2
Min. 10%
Standards BS 1442 (1969)
ASTM A 4 11 , BS EN 10257-1 (1998), IS 3975 (1999)
Flat Cable Technical specifications
Size 4.00 mm x 0.80 mm - 6.10 mm x 1.40 mm
Tensile Elongation 300 - 500 N/mm2
Min. 10%
Standards IS 3975
Coil Weight Round Wire – 60 kg - 1 MT
Flat wire – 60 - 150 kg
Packing Tightly wound coils wrapped in HDPE/Hessian
Pattern layered coils can also be provided
Min. 10%